What are the alternatives to Apple's Aperture?

Episode 1197 (2:06:10)

Ken from Long Beach, CA
Apple OS X Photos

Ken is getting a new camera and computer. He also wants to know about the future of Apple's Aperture. Leo says that Aperture has been killed off by Apple. Adobe Lightroom is a good alternative, but Apple's new Photos app is pretty powerful. It's certainly worth giving it a try before putting down $10 a month to run Lightroom. He could also just keep using Aperture since he already has it. It won't be updated, but that's not necessarily a big deal. It won't stop working.

How can he get his data to Lightroom from Aperture? Leo says that Adobe has an import plugin that will move over the data for him. Will his new comptuer have Firewire? Leo says no. It might have Thunderbolt, though. And that will be much faster and have better options. Or he can just go with a PC since there's some talk that Adobe Lightroom runs better on Windows than on Mac anyway.