What are all of the things I should consider when getting a new laptop?

Episode 1197 (1:56:33)

Roger from Mojave, CA
Dell XPS 13

Roger has been working with developers on a social media platform through Drupal and he needs a new laptop to keep up with the workload. Roger says he needs something powerful. Leo says that processors have gotten so fast now, that pretty much any new laptop will be fast enough for just about anything he needs to do on the web. The issue is more about the storage, RAM, laptop size, battery life, quality of keyboard and trackpad, Windows or Mac, etc. If he gets a Core i5 processor, there's nothing on the web he can't run very fast. Leo does recommend getting a solid state drive in that new computer. That speed translates into a huge difference in performance of the computer.

Leo really likes the new Dell XPS 13. If he needs a bigger screen, he can get the new XPS 15. The only negative on it is that they went with a bezel-less design, which means they had to put the front facing camera at the bottom of the display, which is a little awkward when video conferencing.