Should I buy the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch?

Episode 1197 (1:45:13)

Brian from San Diego, CA
Samsung Gear 2

Brian is looking to get a new watch and he's looking at the Samsung Gear 2 because he really likes the Android app support. Leo says there are some things he likes about the Gear 2, but he's not that impressed with it. Leo recommends getting a watch that supports Android Wear, like the Moto 360.

All in all, Leo says that Smartwatches are kind of dopey, and that most people won't want one. They do fitness and notifications really well, though. So if he's looking at them for those reasons, they can be useful. It's important to remember that these watches are really just a second screen for your phone -- they don't work independently of the phone. The Apple Watch requires an iPhone, Android Wear watches require Android, and the Samsung watches require a Samsung phone.