Password Manager LastPass Gets Hacked

Episode 1197 (59:56)

This week, Leo's preferred password manager LastPass got hacked. Leo still recommends them though, because they can generate extremely long custom passwords, so all you have to remember is the one LastPass password. But that's where the achilles heal was.

LastPass detected that the master password database was hacked and they assumed that database of users and master passwords was downloaded. Fortunately, that data was encrypted, but LastPass emailed all users and suggested they not only change their master password, but also turn on second factor authentication. The hackers didn't get the database of all passwords, though. Leo says LastPass is still safe. He recommends making your master password long, with numbers and punctuation included. The key is to make it appear random. Leo likes using the first letter of song lyrics, and then add his childhood phone number or school locker number.