How can I watch two different programs on my Roku via Slingbox?

Episode 1197 (41:17)

Doug from Diamond Bar, CA
Slingbox 500

Doug wants to know if he can use an HDMI splitter to divide his Slingbox with his Roku Box and control both. Leo says no because he won't be able to control them. Older Slingboxes have up to five HDMI ports in the back (the Slingbox 500 only has one), so if he has an older Slingbox, he could daisy chain them and control them. But Doug should remember that only one person can control it.

Can both locations watch different programming? Leo says that can be done. He'll need to put the Roku on a splitter so that one goes to the Slingbox and one goes to the TV. Then a second person can watch separate programs. But the Roku only has one output, and there is some signal attenuation. He could get two Rokus.

Doug also has an older Mitsubishi LCD and he wants to know if he can connect it to his Google Chromecast. Leo says that without an HDMI port, Doug would need a converter that converts HDMI to component. The issue there is HDCP copy protection. The gaming and music industries have given up on copy protection because it harms legitimate buyers, not the pirates. But Hollywood hasn't learned that lesson yet, and it's teaching a nation to be pirates. It's another reason why everything is moving toward streaming.