Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1195 (22:10)

Scott says that Andrew Jones has some new, budget speakers that perform way above their price range. WAY above, as Scott puts it. But he also hears that Jones has left Pioneer and got to ELAC, a German turntable and speaker company. ELAC wants to get back into the US market so Jones has designed some even better speakers than he ever has at Pioneer. The new speakers are called the Elac Debut line and Scott says that the B5's and B6s are really nice. There's also floor speakers (F5) and Center (C5s). They're a little more expensive, but that means that Jones was able to put more into the design. Cost is $230 a pair, but Scott says the quality is worth it. Available in September.

One thing that Scott says is a problem though, is that we have to over rely reviews, because people tend to shop online now, more brick and mortar stores are closing and we now have nowhere to test out speakers in a real world environment.