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Watch Kevin from Corona, CA Comments

Kevin wants to know if HD audio is like HD video as far as clarity and resolution. He thinks that with cheap headphones, nobody is really going to tell the difference. So is it worth it? Leo says that David Pogue stated that HD audio is 'snake oil,' and it takes some training to hear the differences.

The real question isn't whether HD or CD quality is better than MP3. It's the fact that HD audio is uncompressed. Kevin would have to learn how to hear it the differences of HD audio and once he would hear it, he won't hear it any other way. Leo's point of view is, if he's going to buy something, why not pay a little extra and get it as close to the original studio master recording as he can?

Watch Jerry from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Jerry is upset that Microsoft has discontinued Windows Media Center. Leo says that's because Microsoft wants to drive users to the XBox One, where they will be offering options similar to Windows Media Center.

Leo says the HDHomeRun PRIME is a cable top box that uses a cable card to do many of the same functions as Windows Media Center for $150. He'll be able to take his cable card out of his computer and into the HDHomeRun PRIME.

Other options including Kodi, Plex, and Myth TV (via Linux). In fact, Myth TV with the HDHomeRun will give Jerry more capability than Windows Media Center.

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Watch Greg from Dillon Beach, CA Comments

Greg has "router paranoia" over the recent security flaws that have been found. Should he pay more for a router? Leo says no. It's not the price of the router -- it's a flaw in the router firmware that is rarely updated because they are so cheap.

Leo recommends going with an open source OpenWrt supported router. Asus makes routers that supports OpenWrt, as does Buffalo. There's also Tomato, another OpenWrt router firmware. What about the Apple router? Leo says that it's easier to configure an Apple Airport with a Mac, but Greg should get the Asus router.

Watch Arelia from Riverside, CA Comments

Arelia is having issues with her browser and she thinks it may be due to a plugin she installed. Leo says she's probably right. Plugins like Flash, Shockwave or Java are easily hackable and dangerous if not kept up to date.

Leo recommends using Google Chrome. Chrome has Flash built in and it's always updated. If she likes the browser she's using, then she'll have to get the latest version of Flash from Adobe.

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Watch Kate from Ann Arbor, MI Comments

Kate has been having trouble with iTunes because it's very confusing. Since she's on Windows, she doesn't have to use iTunes. Leo recommends Media Monkey instead. And when she rips her CDs, Leo suggests ripping them lossless (FLAC or AAC). Then let Google Music upload it. Then it'll be saved in the Cloud and protected.

Watch Ryan from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Ryan got a new Android phone from Alcatel recently, but it doesn't support notifications for his help messages through Exchange. It only notifies him for messages in his inbox. He tried Outlook and it didn't work. He had the same problem with Boomerang. Leo's used K-9, and if anything, that would be the one to get. Sadly, Google's app only works with Gmail, not Exchange.

Watch Karen from Tustin, CA Comments

Karen finally got her Amazon Echo and she loves it. Leo says he just got his as well. This market of smart assistant technology has really been driven by Siri, Cortana, etc. Echo is the smartest one so far, Leo thinks. Leo says Amazon seems really committed to it.

There's also a great free service called IFTTT (If This, Then That), which will allow Karen to create recipes and set up automated tasks.

Watch Mark from WGMD Comments

Mark is on his third HTC One phone. It keeps breaking and has lousy battery life. Leo says that is the most annoying thing about smartphones is battery life. It's awful. There are two ways that Android phone manufacturers have addressed it ... the first is Quick Charge, which will recharge your phone in about an hour. The other options is to choose an Android model that allows you to swap out a secondary battery. LG has the G4 and it's easy to open and replace the battery. In fact, LG offers a second battery in a kit with a mini sd card. The Samsung Galaxy Note IV is another. The chatroom says that the One Plus one and the Sony Z3 have pretty good battery life.

Watch Eric from Palm Springs, CA Comments

Eric has been a long time AOL customer. AOL recommended SlimCleaner Plus and he trusted it. Leo says it was an ad that AOL sold and Eric got bit. He tried to remove it and now he's getting popups saying someone is trying to access the account. Leo says that's trying to prevent you to uninstall it and that's bad behavior. Look for an uninstaller. At worse, you can backup your data and reinstall Windows. But ignore the popup and uninstall it anyway. And don't trust ads. Just because they come from AOL doesn't mean it's a good thing to get.