Why does my old iPad 2 run so slow?

Episode 1194 (1:40:26)

Steve from Costa Mesa, CA

Steve has an old iPad 2 and it's slowing down a lot. Leo says that for an iPad 2 running iOS 8, the problem is that the demands on the iPad have gotten harder and it's not keeping up well. He could try resetting it and wiping out everything. But that may not help with the current iOS 8. The only real sure fix is to upgrade to a new iPad.

Some say that iOS 9 is going to be a leaner, more efficient OS, so it may be worth waiting until then. But at the end the day, it may be time to get a new one. Steve can try starting over first to see if that'll help for now.

Steve is wondering if his iPad 2 is slow because of the apps in the recent app section. Leo says that they don't really run while they aren't being used. In fact, after 10 minutes, they close down entirely. So he can leave the apps in the app switcher without worrying about that.