Why can't I see all of my computers on my network?

Episode 1194 (1:27:36)

Greg from Tampa, FL

Greg has several PCs in two different locations and wants to network them together. But he can't really see all of the computers on it. Leo says that networking is a dark art that only an IT guy can address when dealing with as many computers and networks as Greg has. Since Greg started with a simple home network that has grown, Windows may be looking for a work domain that doesn't exist.

Leo recommends going to PracticallyNetworked.com. There's some great tutorials there on how to set up a proper network. But Leo says that since this is Greg's business, it's better to get an IT professional to put together the network as it should be for the work he's doing. He also wants to know how to shut down the computers remotely and restart them. Leo says there's a BIOS command called Wake on Ring, and Wake on LAN. They are designed wake up via the network.

Greg got an Amazon Echo and he really likes it for reading books aloud. Leo says that Amazon has showed a commitment to the device that they haven't offered with other devices. It can even be used for If This, Then That.