How can I prevent my computer from slowing down?

Episode 1194 (42:13)

Henry from Los Angeles, CA
HP Stream

Henry uses his laptop to play square dance music. But lately, the music has started to lag. Should he get a new processor? Leo says no. If it was faster before, then the hardware is fine. It's just busy doing other stuff. Hard drives can also get slower as they get more filled. Henry should try restoring it to the way it was the day he bought it, and then update it with all the patches. He should backup his data first, then format the hard drive. Then he can reinstall Windows 7 and install all patches. If the drive is getting flakey, a format should fix that up.

It could also be a good time to upgrade. For a few hundred dollars, he can pick up an HP Stream, which will be ideal for a dedicated square dancing rig. He should always go with more storage then he currently needs, too.