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Watch Reed from Long Island, NY Comments

Reed wants a gaming computer and he wants to know if he should buy one or build one. Leo says that it used to save a lot of money to build one. That's not true as much now, as there's no overall warranty or tech support that can help if the computer doesn't work. Reed would be his own tech support. And with various part manufacturers, nobody takes responsibility for issues.

On the other hand, it's a great project for learning how a computer works. Leo recommends going to PC Perspectives and looking at the HW Leaderboard. The Hardware Leaderboard lists parts in four different part categories that have been vetted to work together. So he can put together the system within his budget and know the parts work together. And if Reed wants to record Let's Play videos, then upping the power of the processor would be a good idea.

Leo recommends looking at buying a computer, and not a "gaming" computer because he'd end up paying a premium just because it's for gaming. A fast SSD is also important.

Watch Jay from Northridge, CA Comments

Jay is looking for an entry level DSLR. Should he get the Canon T5i, the Canon SL1 or the Nikon D3300? Leo says that they are comparable as good entry level DSLRs. The key here is the glass, not so much the body. He's really buying a system, more than just a camera. He will always upgrade the body and keep the lenses.

Leo also recommends looking into a mirrorless camera. They're smaller and lighter, and the optical quality is just as good. But between those two, the Nikon D3300 is the better of the two because of the Nikon glass.

Watch Robert from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Robert wants to know if it's possible to get a virus with read only media. He wants a computer for online banking that can't be written to. Leo says that's an interesting idea. The ideal solution here would be a Chromebook. They're cheap, there are no viruses, and it comes with a power wash feature that brings it right back to the way it was when he first got it. Couple that with second factor authentication, and he'll be golden. He could also boot from the CD drive and that would prevent anything from being written to it.

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Watch Dennis from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Dennis has an old iMac from 2006 and he's having problems getting it to boot up. How can he move files from the old Mac to his new Mac? Leo says that there's a utility option called "Target Disk Mode." Press and hold "T" on startup and it'll put the Mac into Target Disk Mode. This means the Mac will appear as an external hard drive to the computer it's connected to. He'll need to get a FireWire 800 to Thunderbolt adapter to connect the computers, though, and he can pick one up for $30 from Apple.

Watch Henry from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Henry uses his laptop to play square dance music. But lately, the music has started to lag. Should he get a new processor? Leo says no. If it was faster before, then the hardware is fine. It's just busy doing other stuff. Hard drives can also get slower as they get more filled. Henry should try restoring it to the way it was the day he bought it, and then update it with all the patches. He should backup his data first, then format the hard drive. Then he can reinstall Windows 7 and install all patches. If the drive is getting flakey, a format should fix that up.

It could also be a good time to upgrade. For a few hundred dollars, he can pick up an HP Stream, which will be ideal for a dedicated square dancing rig. He should always go with more storage then he currently needs, too.

Watch Walter from Huntington, WV Comments

Walter has used the new Google Photos app and he wants to know how to download photos from it. Leo says it's not immediately obvious, but in the share photo feature of the app, there's an option to save it to camera roll. It's in the lower left of the iOS app. Walter can also select multiple images and save them in the same manner. If he doesn't see it, then he's probably not given the app permission to have access to his photos. So go into the settings and enable that. Then it should allow him to save to the camera roll.

Watch Scott from New Orleans, LA Comments

Scott wants to organize his cables behind his computer and label them. He tried duct tape, but the heat makes them come apart. Leo uses a label maker. He can also use zip ties or velcro cable ties. They're pretty cheap and easy to remove.

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Watch Greg from Tampa, FL Comments

Greg has several PCs in two different locations and wants to network them together. But he can't really see all of the computers on it. Leo says that networking is a dark art that only an IT guy can address when dealing with as many computers and networks as Greg has. Since Greg started with a simple home network that has grown, Windows may be looking for a work domain that doesn't exist.

Leo recommends going to There's some great tutorials there on how to set up a proper network. But Leo says that since this is Greg's business, it's better to get an IT professional to put together the network as it should be for the work he's doing. He also wants to know how to shut down the computers remotely and restart them. Leo says there's a BIOS command called Wake on Ring, and Wake on LAN. They are designed wake up via the network.

Greg got an Amazon Echo and he really likes it for reading books aloud. Leo says that Amazon has showed a commitment to the device that they haven't offered with other devices. It can even be used for If This, Then That.

Watch Steve from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Steve has an old iPad 2 and it's slowing down a lot. Leo says that for an iPad 2 running iOS 8, the problem is that the demands on the iPad have gotten harder and it's not keeping up well. He could try resetting it and wiping out everything. But that may not help with the current iOS 8. The only real sure fix is to upgrade to a new iPad.

Some say that iOS 9 is going to be a leaner, more efficient OS, so it may be worth waiting until then. But at the end the day, it may be time to get a new one. Steve can try starting over first to see if that'll help for now.

Steve is wondering if his iPad 2 is slow because of the apps in the recent app section. Leo says that they don't really run while they aren't being used. In fact, after 10 minutes, they close down entirely. So he can leave the apps in the app switcher without worrying about that.

Watch Paul from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Paul has a one year old HP desktop and he's having issues with his wireless connection after removing McAfee and installing a new version. Leo says he's not a fan of McAfee, or that HP puts it on the computer (called trialware) to make a little money on the side. It causes all kinds of problems like this. Here's a technote that talks about this issue:

McAfee has a consumer product trialware removal tool, so if he can get to the McAfee website and download it to a thumbdrive, it can remove anything that's lingering. Leo says to just get rid of it all and use Microsoft Defender instead.

Another issue may be that the firewall is blocking his internet access. It could even be a virus that was quarantined and when McAfee did that, it stopped a critical file. Paul should try using his Windows install disc and run the repair option in the install utility. He can also run the Microsoft System File Checker. In fact, with Windows 8.1, he can press the Windows key and start typing "Recovery." Then he can run that.