Can I transfer my domain name?

Episode 1193 (1:27:36)

Sheryl from Orange, CA

Sheryl wants to move her domain from her current web host. She doesn't need a website and just wants to keep her email. Can she do that? Leo says sure! She can even park it over at Google and use Gmail with her domain name. No need to pay a web host. Leo does that all the time with GMail and SoftLayer. Sheryl can just contact her current webhost and advise them that she's taking back her domain name, and then move it to Gmail.

What about privacy? Leo says that the only way to have complete privacy is end to end encryption where both sides have the encryption key. It would be a major hassle to set up with everyone. She should just keep in mind that everything she sends via email is open for people to see, like sending a post card. It's also a written record with requirements of companies to save them for a few years.