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Watch Marty from Newton, MA Comments

Marty has a DSLR camera and when she shoots video, she hates the quality of the audio. What can she do? Leo says that the on board microphone is terrible, but most DSLRs have an external microphone minijack that will allow her to add an external microphone. Rode has a great one called the Video Mic Pro. That's the simplest solution.

There's also an adapter from Beachtek called the DXA-SLR Mini that will allow her to plug in any microphone via XLR plugs. Leo also says that it's a good idea to avoid cheap wireless microphone solutions, and stick to wired.

Watch Michael from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Michael would like to get a DOCSIS III modem and Leo says to be sure this his cable company enables it on their end when he does. He's also going to want to have a router that can support it, and Leo likes the Asus line. These are DDWRT compatible, and will protect him from the router bug that has hit lately. He should definitely get a good router. It'll be more expensive, but it's worth it.

Watch Ben from Brentwood, CA Comments

Ben wants to know when he can buy a Windows 10 machine. Leo says it's coming July 29, and if he already has a Windows 7 machine, he can expect to upgrade for free. He should just be on the lookout for the upgrade to the Windows 10 app in his system tray, and sign up to reserve his copy. But not everyone was selected for this free reservation opportunity. When will the new machines be available? Leo says it's probably going to be this August. They'll have some cool features including the Microsoft Hello camera that uses facial recognition to log users in. No more password required.

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Watch Mark from Riverside, CA Comments

Mike just got a new Apple Watch but he's wondering if he should wait on buying the iPhone 6 Plus. Leo says the next iPhone will come out in September, and will likely have a faster processor and memory. There may also be an improved camera. There's also speculation that there will be some haptic Force Touch features on the screen. There's a lot of speculation, but in the end we don't really know. Leo says there's no real need to wait unless he really wants to. Another option is to get an iPhone 5 and then pick up the iPhone 6 Plus when it's available.

Watch Midge from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Midge is looking for a bag that will block radio signals for her car key fob to deter car theft. There are many bags available that do this, and Leo found a more stylish option called Baggallini.

There are also simple RFID blocking sleeves available on eBay for about $4 for a pack of 5. Here are more wallets and holders from Travelon Bags.

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Watch Boris from New York, NY Comments

Boris is looking for a new Windows 8 machine and wants to know what Leo thinks of the Asus Zenbook 303. Leo likes the Zenbook series a lot. It's very similar in style and performance to the MacBook Air. If he's looking for portability, it's a great choice. Can it run photoshop and do video editing? Leo says it's certainly fast enough. Anything nowadays will run Photoshop, it just comes down to how fast it will be able to run it. But this would be a great machine for Photoshop.

Watch Sheryl from Orange, CA Comments

Sheryl wants to move her domain from her current web host. She doesn't need a website and just wants to keep her email. Can she do that? Leo says sure! She can even park it over at Google and use Gmail with her domain name. No need to pay a web host. Leo does that all the time with GMail and SoftLayer. Sheryl can just contact her current webhost and advise them that she's taking back her domain name, and then move it to Gmail.

What about privacy? Leo says that the only way to have complete privacy is end to end encryption where both sides have the encryption key. It would be a major hassle to set up with everyone. She should just keep in mind that everything she sends via email is open for people to see, like sending a post card. It's also a written record with requirements of companies to save them for a few years.

Watch Michelle from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Michelle's daughter is going to college, and will be majoring in science. What computer should she buy? Leo says if she can afford it, she should get a Mac -- specifically the upper level Pro models. If she prefers Windows, Leo advises going with a pro business line. In other words, she shouldn't get any of the cheap laptops.

Which platform should she choose, Mac or PC? Leo says that Macs are widely used in science, and are pretty much the same in terms of hardware. She could run Windows on a Mac if she wanted. Leo recommends calling the school and asking the department she's studying with for a recommendation. Then talk to the school bookstore. They usually offer a student discount. How about refurbished models? Leo says to only get them from the manufacturer. It won't save her a lot, but she might save a few hundred. How about laptop locks? Leo say they don't really help much, but the Kensington Lock is probably the best.

Watch Tom from Charlotte, NC Comments

Tom is visually impaired and wants to know if the new Apple TV will have accessibility features. Leo says that nobody knows. It's not going to be announced this week at WWDC as hoped, casting doubt if it'll even be out this fall. But Netflix does have audio playback on titles and descriptions. And the AppleTV does support that feature.

What about the Apple Watch. Is it worth buying? Leo says no. It's very expensive, and the icons are tiny. It isn't really accessible or useful.