Why am I getting photos that aren't mine in my Google Photos app?

Episode 1192 (30:47)

Diane from San Diego, CA

Diane took Leo's suggestion and downloaded Google Photos, but she's discovered the same thing that Leo has -- she's getting strange pictures she's never seen before. Leo says that Google does have a way to mass delete photos, but if they're mixed in with hers, then she won't want to get rid of them. She'd have to go one by one and delete them. There's also the thought of deleting someone else's photos, which could be terrible.

That chatroom suggests looking at the EXIF data to see where these photos came from. Leo discovered that his flaw was from a folder on his phone from an app he signed up for that didn't work, but had photos in it. He found the folder on his phone that had those photos in it, deleted the photo, and the strange photos were gone. Leo suspects the same type of thing happened to Diane as well.