How can I use multiple devices on a single paid internet connection access point?

Episode 1192 (41:41)

Mike from Diluth, MN
D-Link AC750 Travel Router

Mike is taking his family to the Baltics for the summer and has already unlocked his mobile phones. He's thinking about buying the unlimited data plans on the cruise ship. Leo says not to. It's woefully slow. They use a marine satellite and it has very little bandwidth. He'd end up getting up at 3 in the morning to use the Internet and download his email. Not worth $30 a day, especially since only one person can be signed on at a time.

Mike says that this ship has improved internet speed, though. Leo had heard that Norwegian Cruise Lines were using a new satellite that would actually have decent internet speeds. It only would allow one person access to the internet though for that price, but Mike wants to know if theres a way he can share that internet access with his family members in their room. Leo says this is where a travel ethernet router would come in handy. But how could he log into the ship's internet with the router? Leo says that some travel routers would have the ability to let him log into a portal for that very reason. Leo likes the D-Link AC750, which has the ability to do this.

The chatroom says that Mike could connect the ethernet to the laptop and then create an ad-hoc network to turn his laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot that everyone could have access to. Then he wouldn't have to buy any additional hardware to do this.