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Watch Bret from New Jersey Comments

Bret has an old scanner that he can't get to work with Windows 8. It looks like Canon doesn't have any new drivers for it, nor does Microsoft. How can he get it to work in Windows? Leo says that the Windows 8 driver isn't much different than Windows 7, and there's no reason why he shouldn't be able to install the Windows 7 driver. A TWAIN driver is generic, and if the scanner supports TWAIN, he may be able to use that.

ScanSoft is scanning software that drives TWAIN scanners. VueScan works. IrfanView is free and has drivers built in. But for the price of the software, he may as well buy a new scanner.

Watch Rick from Placerville, CA Comments

Rick wants to know why his acoustic MP3s skip around. Leo says it could be the software he's using to play them back. Leo says it's weird that it would get better over time, rather than just being from a bad encode. It could also be the software he used to rip the CD with.

The chatroom says that some MP3 players have a check box that says "skip gaps," and the acoustic music could have silent sections in it that causes it. Leo says to try a different player, different medium and look for commonality.

Watch Diane from San Diego, CA Comments

Diane took Leo's suggestion and downloaded Google Photos, but she's discovered the same thing that Leo has -- she's getting strange pictures she's never seen before. Leo says that Google does have a way to mass delete photos, but if they're mixed in with hers, then she won't want to get rid of them. She'd have to go one by one and delete them. There's also the thought of deleting someone else's photos, which could be terrible.

That chatroom suggests looking at the EXIF data to see where these photos came from. Leo discovered that his flaw was from a folder on his phone from an app he signed up for that didn't work, but had photos in it. He found the folder on his phone that had those photos in it, deleted the photo, and the strange photos were gone. Leo suspects the same type of thing happened to Diane as well.

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Watch Mike from Diluth, MN Comments

Mike is taking his family to the Baltics for the summer and has already unlocked his mobile phones. He's thinking about buying the unlimited data plans on the cruise ship. Leo says not to. It's woefully slow. They use a marine satellite and it has very little bandwidth. He'd end up getting up at 3 in the morning to use the Internet and download his email. Not worth $30 a day, especially since only one person can be signed on at a time.

Mike says that this ship has improved internet speed, though. Leo had heard that Norwegian Cruise Lines were using a new satellite that would actually have decent internet speeds. It only would allow one person access to the internet though for that price, but Mike wants to know if theres a way he can share that internet access with his family members in their room. Leo says this is where a travel ethernet router would come in handy. But how could he log into the ship's internet with the router? Leo says that some travel routers would have the ability to let him log into a portal for that very reason. Leo likes the D-Link AC750, which has the ability to do this.

The chatroom says that Mike could connect the ethernet to the laptop and then create an ad-hoc network to turn his laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot that everyone could have access to. Then he wouldn't have to buy any additional hardware to do this.

Watch Emily from Orange County, CA Comments

Emily is thinking about buying a portable Wi-Fi hotspot so that they will have the ability to connect to the Internet with her iPad. Leo says that's a good idea. Are the independent carriers any good? Leo says that there aren't any independent carriers, really. They're just reselling coverage from the big guys (called MVNO) and she'll want to be sure she checks out the coverage maps for the carrier they're reselling. Is Karma good? Leo says that Karma is a Kickstarter campaign that would let her pay as she goes. They're a reseller of Sprint's network. Are they secure? Leo says yes, it's encrypted.

Watch Scott from Westminster, CA Comments

Scott does music recording on his MacBook Pro, but some of his recordings are getting a "disk too slow" error. Leo says that has to do with how many tracks he's recording, and an SSD would definitely fix that. Scott should check out the Blackmagic Speed Disk Tester in the Mac App Store. It'll test the speed of his hard drive and it will tell him if his hard drive is fast enough for the recording he's doing.

Watch Rick from Torrance, CA Comments

Rick has Google Drive, and he's noticed his internet slows down when it's syncing data. Leo doesn't think this is a likely cause for slowing down his internet, because these programs are supposed to be "nice" -- they only will use a small fraction of the available bandwidth. Rick can pause the activity on Google Drive to see if that makes a difference. It could take up more bandwidth during the initial sync.

Watch Andrea from Germany Comments

Andrea is having trouble using Google Chrome. She even tried to remove and reinstall it. Leo says one possibility is to try and run Chrome in safe mode. If this works, then there may be an extension that's corrupted or broken and therefore breaking her browser. There could also be a malicious extension. Andrea should also clear her cache.

Andrea should try creating a new user account and logging into it. If there's no issues there, then she'll know the problem is something in her user account. Here is how she can completely uninstall Chrome from her Mac. It's more than just dragging the icon to the trash can. Then she can reinstall it and see if that resolves the issue.

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Watch Michael from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Michael is getting an 8GB iPhone 5c from work. How can he set it up to get the most use out of it? Leo says that an 8GB phone is practically useless because there's not a lot of free space after iOS is put on it. Leo recommends not installing too many apps or put music on it. He should stream his music from the cloud.

If he takes pictures, he should get them in the cloud ASAP or back them up to his hard drive. There's other cloud options as well including Flickr, Google Docs, and Google Photos (with unlimited backup). He can do everything in the cloud and just use the iPhone as an interface.

Watch Matthew from Virginia Comments

Matthew says that there's a hack that will crash the iPhone through iMessages. It'll crash the Apple Watch as well. Leo says it overloads the buffer overload and dumps the text on the memory, crashing the phone. And that's how serious exploits could occur as well.

But there is a temporary fix from Apple:

1. Ask Siri to "read unread messages."
2. Use Siri to reply to the malicious message. After you reply, you'll be able to open Messages again.
3. If the issue continues, tap and hold the malicious message, tap More, and delete the message from the thread.

This will prevent the message from crashing the iPhone and iMessage app until they fix it. The downside is, this doesn't do anything to prevent people from sending you this message again. Turning off notifications may help stop it, though. iMore has an article on how to minimize the effect of this bug.

Watch Matthew from Virginia Comments

Matthew wants to start producing "lets play" videos on YouTube like PewtiePie. Leo says that's just about every kid's goal now. There's a ton of ways to do it with software like FRAPS on Windows. The XBox One has a built in recording/broadcaster feature. OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) is an open source live broadcasting app that is very popular on And Twitch is where everyone is going.

Watch Marco from Portugal Comments

Marco just heard of yet another router hack called NET USB that is breaking into routers. Leo says that's because most router companies use the same code and it has bad security. The irony is that these hacks don't effect Apple routers like the Airport. So that makes the Airport a better way to go. But they are more expensive. If he can't afford to buy them, then he should get a router that is DDWRT compatible (like Asus), then he can use open source firmware to keep it locked down.

Watch Steve from Vista, CA Comments

Steve's Samsung Galaxy S4 and the recent update has taken out a messaging feature he relies on. Leo says that often happens in an update. But it may also be something he can fix in the default applications menu. If that's not going to fix it, then Steve's only other option is to root his phone and put a custom OS like Cyanogen mod on it.