Why can I not get text messages from my friends?

Episode 1191 (35:54)

Leslie from Laguna Beach, CA
Apple iPhone

Leslie can send out group text messages, but she can't get replies. Leo says this is because she has an Android phone, and many of her friends have iPhones (they're blue, she's green). So they end up talking to each other via iMessage. Of course, getting an iPhone would solve the issue. It really comes down to who starts the group message, though. If they start a group message via iMessage, Leslie is left out. If she can get everyone to use WhatsApp instead, she'll be fine. But that's kind of a hassle. Or, she can just use her iPad.

How can she print wirelessly? Leo says that if her printer is connected to the internet, she can use Google Cloud Print. How can she save voicemails on her phone? Leo says that different phone services have different ways of doing that, so she'll have to contact her provider.