What software can I use to render 60 fps video?

Episode 1191 (29:47)

Jack from New Hampshire
Adobe Premiere Elements

Jack is starting a Kickstarter page where he's selling his drone footage. He's having trouble rendering 1080p HD videos at 60 fps. Leo says it's the 60 fps that's catching him up. But 60 fps is the future. Leo says that it comes down to the computer, and the software should be able to handle 60fps. Adobe Premiere Elements should be able to, as does Sony Vegas. The Chatroom says Corel Video Studio can, but Leo's not a fan. They all have free trial versions, so Jack should give them a try. Leo recommends Premiere.

Leo also warns that the FAA has put rules on commercial use of drones, and what Jack is doing is commercial use. So he'll have to make sure he's following the law.