What are my options when Windows Media Center stops working?

Episode 1191 (1:36:48)

Tyler from Thousand Oaks, CA

Tyler has been using a cable card with Microsoft Windows Media Center on his computer to watch TV, but now with Microsoft killing WMC, what are his options? Leo says that there are other options including Kodi (formerly XBMC) and Plex. The Chatroom says TEAM Media Portal is an option because of the digital rights management issue. The reason why Microsoft killed Windows Media Center is because they want people to buy the XBox One game console. Tyler can watch, but can't record.

What about recording? Leo says that Kodi and Plex can't record, favoring the BitTorrent option. And that's why people pirate, because the content providers aren't giving people the content they want, how they want it. If Tyler could simply download what he wanted and watch it where he wanted, this wouldn't be an issue. Another option is TIVO. The Chatroom also says that there's a new Kickstarter for Silicon Dust HDHomeRun, which could record as well. Until then, don't upgrade.