What 70" Smart HDTV should I buy?

Episode 1191 (1:22:55)

Elan from Northridge, CA
Vizio M-Series 70" LED Smart TV

Elan needs to buy a new TV and he likes Samsung Smart TVs. He's not married to that, though. What TV should he get? First off, Leo says to get the largest TV he can afford, and a 70" TV is a good option. Leo says that Samsung makes great HDTVs, but he shouldn't hesitate to look at a high-end Vizio. The price/performance ratio on Vizio is really good, and the P Series is very impressive. Leo likes Vizio's smart TV OS as well. It'll give him the best bang for the buck. A 70" will cost him $2300 for the 4K P Series, while the 70" 1080p M Series is $1599. It's a great value for the quality he'd get.

LG makes a good one too. Leo suggests checking out the CNet Roundup. Also the WireCutter has an article on this. Leo advises not to get a 4K TV because the standards haven't been implimented yet and there's not really a lot of content available. So Elan should stick with the M Series.