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Watch Mark from Tustin, CA Comments

Mark got an iPhone 5s from a friend that had a "dog bite" in it. It will work connect via 4G, but not via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (5 Ghz is fine). Is it worth fixing? He's tried DFU'ing it. Should he try iFixIt? Leo says he can look on iFixIt and get a teardown of the phone to see if the parts that don't work will be replaceable. Some aren't. Leo says it may be the antenna that is damaged. If he can replace the antenna or the Wi-Fi radio, then he should be OK. If it's soldered onto the circuit board, then he's out of luck. It just depends on how modular it is.

(Disclaimer: iFixIt is a sponsor).

Watch Mel from Pennsylvania Comments

Mel is having trouble with his desktop trying to play a Scrabble game. Leo says that it may be some stray "clicks" from the mouse preventing him from continuing, or the submit button may be stuck. Changing out the mouse could solve the issue, or changing the battery in the wireless mouse. Replacing the keyboard may also be a good idea. Sometimes keys can get stuck.

Watch Tella from California Comments

Tella wants to know if she can change her ringtones from her regular landline phone. Leo says that she could do it with a mobile phone, but for landlines, it's built into the phone. She can change the duration or frequency of rings, but not the ring itself.

Watch Jack from New Hampshire Comments

Jack is starting a Kickstarter page where he's selling his drone footage. He's having trouble rendering 1080p HD videos at 60 fps. Leo says it's the 60 fps that's catching him up. But 60 fps is the future. Leo says that it comes down to the computer, and the software should be able to handle 60fps. Adobe Premiere Elements should be able to, as does Sony Vegas. The Chatroom says Corel Video Studio can, but Leo's not a fan. They all have free trial versions, so Jack should give them a try. Leo recommends Premiere.

Leo also warns that the FAA has put rules on commercial use of drones, and what Jack is doing is commercial use. So he'll have to make sure he's following the law.

Watch Leslie from Laguna Beach, CA Comments

Leslie can send out group text messages, but she can't get replies. Leo says this is because she has an Android phone, and many of her friends have iPhones (they're blue, she's green). So they end up talking to each other via iMessage. Of course, getting an iPhone would solve the issue. It really comes down to who starts the group message, though. If they start a group message via iMessage, Leslie is left out. If she can get everyone to use WhatsApp instead, she'll be fine. But that's kind of a hassle. Or, she can just use her iPad.

How can she print wirelessly? Leo says that if her printer is connected to the internet, she can use Google Cloud Print. How can she save voicemails on her phone? Leo says that different phone services have different ways of doing that, so she'll have to contact her provider.

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Watch Paul from Michigan Comments

Paul is frustrated because his audio is out of sync with his video. Leo says that's a common issue because audio is much easier to compress and decompress than video. But Paul says it gets out of sync with his wireless Bluetooth headphones only. Leo says that's a latency issue. Wired headphones would likely solve the problem.

Watch Garrett from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Garrett has an iPad 2 and he's having trouble connecting via Wi-Fi consistently. He'll connect and then when he goes into his room, it drops. Leo says that Wi-Fi is a radio signal and it has a range of about 100-150', but it can also be affected by what is in the walls. If he has metal in the walls, then he'll have issues connecting. Leo also says the connection may be congested by a crowded 2.4 GHz frequency band. Modern routers give the choice of 2.4 or 5 GHz. Leo recommends checking out WiFi Inssider to see if he's getting congestion. It'll show him what frequencies are occupied and what the saturation is.

Watch Dave from Chicago, IL Comments

Dave's wife got a "blue screen," and he thought the monitor was the culprit. Leo says the simple and cheapest solution is to swap out the monitor cable first. If the issue persists, he should try updating the drivers. He can create a bootable thumb drive that will allow him to get into the computer without running the hard drive. He can also do it from a CD. His recovery disc will do this as well. Then if it's a driver, booting to a separate OS would tell him a lot. If it's still blue, then he'll know it's a hardware issue.

If Dave can get into the BIOS settings, that's another way to tell if it's a hardware issue. If he can't, maybe the video card is failing or the motherboard is dead. It could even be a corrupted BIOS.

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Watch Elan from Northridge, CA Comments

Elan needs to buy a new TV and he likes Samsung Smart TVs. He's not married to that, though. What TV should he get? First off, Leo says to get the largest TV he can afford, and a 70" TV is a good option. Leo says that Samsung makes great HDTVs, but he shouldn't hesitate to look at a high-end Vizio. The price/performance ratio on Vizio is really good, and the P Series is very impressive. Leo likes Vizio's smart TV OS as well. It'll give him the best bang for the buck. A 70" will cost him $2300 for the 4K P Series, while the 70" 1080p M Series is $1599. It's a great value for the quality he'd get.

LG makes a good one too. Leo suggests checking out the CNet Roundup. Also the WireCutter has an article on this. Leo advises not to get a 4K TV because the standards haven't been implimented yet and there's not really a lot of content available. So Elan should stick with the M Series.

Watch Tyler from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Tyler has been using a cable card with Microsoft Windows Media Center on his computer to watch TV, but now with Microsoft killing WMC, what are his options? Leo says that there are other options including Kodi (formerly XBMC) and Plex. The Chatroom says TEAM Media Portal is an option because of the digital rights management issue. The reason why Microsoft killed Windows Media Center is because they want people to buy the XBox One game console. Tyler can watch, but can't record.

What about recording? Leo says that Kodi and Plex can't record, favoring the BitTorrent option. And that's why people pirate, because the content providers aren't giving people the content they want, how they want it. If Tyler could simply download what he wanted and watch it where he wanted, this wouldn't be an issue. Another option is TIVO. The Chatroom also says that there's a new Kickstarter for Silicon Dust HDHomeRun, which could record as well. Until then, don't upgrade.