What streaming box should I buy?

Episode 1190 (1:12:48)

Mickie from Studio City, CA
Apple TV

Mickie recently bought a Samsung Galaxy TV for streaming, but she can't get the HBO Go or Showtime Go App on it. Leo says that's the problem with the Smart TV -- they won't have all the smart apps she wants. She'll be better off just buying a Roku. What about the Apple TV? Leo has both and the only reason to prefer the AppleTV is if she plans to buy stuff though the Apple ecosystem. Roku, by contrast, has a lot more options, thousands of channels, and it's updatable.

She wants to be able to do AirPlay with HBO Go. Leo says she'll have to be in an app that supports AirPlay. When she swipes up from the bottom of the screen, she'll see the AirPlay option and then she can select Apple TV and it'll play on the TV screen. As long as the Apple TV is connected and she's seeing it, she shouldn't have a problem. Check out the AppleTV support page here - http://www.apple.com/support/appletv/