Should I get the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Episode 1190 (46:46)

Alan from Los Angeles, CA
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Alan has an opportunity to get a good deal on a Samsung Galaxy S6, but he's been reading some mixed reviews on it. Leo loves the Galaxy S6, and has some pros and cons on it.

- The Galaxy S6 Edge is gorgeous
- It has the best camera ever
- Supports quick charging, so you can get it back to 100% in about an hour

- It's easy to accidentally tap the Galaxy S6 Edge screen, because it wraps around the sides
- Battery life isn't the best, at just 10 hours (but quick charging helps)
- Doesn't have a removable battery
- Leo had to erase it and start over because it was laggy at first

One way to get around the battery life issue is to get an external battery, and Leo likes the Aukey batteries.

Alan has heard that there is a new version of the Galaxy S6 coming out, called the Galaxy S6 Active. It's supposed to be water proof, more robust, have an improved battery and would include an SD card slot. Leo says having more internal storage is better than having an SD card slot because it's always a little tricky for the operating system to handle data on another drive. Leo got the 64GB internal storage option, which has been fine for him. He uses Google Plus to upload all of his photos, so he doesn't have to keep them all on the phone itself.