How can I make it easy for my mom to watch family videos?

Episode 1190 (15:12)

Jerry from San Diego, CA
Raspberry Pi

Jerry called in using the Obihai. Leo says it's pretty cool because it uses Google Voice. It almost lost that, but Google has changed course.

Jerry needs to set up his mother's TV so she can watch home videos and photos of the family. How can he do that easily for her? Leo says one thing he can do is pick up a Raspberry Pi computer and use it to create a media center with XBMC (aka Kodi) called RaspBMC. He'll download the software and put it on an SD card. Then he can insert the SD card with all the videos and then it'll play it automatically. It even has an HDMI port (the older ones have composite out). A great solution for under $50. It would be a fun project.