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Watch Jerry from San Diego, CA Comments

Jerry called in using the Obihai. Leo says it's pretty cool because it uses Google Voice. It almost lost that, but Google has changed course.

Jerry needs to set up his mother's TV so she can watch home videos and photos of the family. How can he do that easily for her? Leo says one thing he can do is pick up a Raspberry Pi computer and use it to create a media center with XBMC (aka Kodi) called RaspBMC. He'll download the software and put it on an SD card. Then he can insert the SD card with all the videos and then it'll play it automatically. It even has an HDMI port (the older ones have composite out). A great solution for under $50. It would be a fun project.

Watch Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Steve has FiOS and the Wi-Fi seems to be slow. How can he speed it up? He'd like to bypass the Verizon router and use his own. Leo says that he'll have to use the Verizon device to connect to FiOS, but he can disable the router part and use his own router instead. He'll need to connect them with ethernet to make it work. The router is also built into the modem and is using network addressing. Steve should put the router part in "bridge mode" to just hand it off to the router. He should check out this FAQ on how to do it - He has several options here.

Watch Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Steve has a Lenovo X1 that has intermittent boot up problems. Leo says that hard drives can fail or have "flakey spots" with corrupted areas. That makes them unreliable. He can use SpinRite to mark off the unreliable sectors and move the data to a better spot. Or he can just replace the hard drive.

Watch Derek from Charlotte, NC Comments

Derek wants to create a website for his business and add e-commerce to it. Leo says that's a smart idea. Every business should have a website. It's his digital brochure. Having an e-commerce site is huge because it gives him customers all over the world. And there's a variety of options including Shopify or BigCommerce. They are experts in building online stores. They can also help him with marketing. It's the easiest, but they do charge a fee for it. Yahoo Commerce also does it, but those sites aren't as flexible. If that doesn't matter, then go with it.

If he wants a custom site, then he'll need to go with someone who can design it according to his specific needs. But then he'll have to deal with his own support. Derek should start with one of the services above and then when he's ready to outgrow them into a custom option, he can move on from there. He'll also want to harness social media to help market his site.

Check out the CMO Social Media Handbook by Peter Friedman

Watch Alan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alan has an opportunity to get a good deal on a Samsung Galaxy S6, but he's been reading some mixed reviews on it. Leo loves the Galaxy S6, and has some pros and cons on it.

- The Galaxy S6 Edge is gorgeous
- It has the best camera ever
- Supports quick charging, so you can get it back to 100% in about an hour

- It's easy to accidentally tap the Galaxy S6 Edge screen, because it wraps around the sides
- Battery life isn't the best, at just 10 hours (but quick charging helps)
- Doesn't have a removable battery
- Leo had to erase it and start over because it was laggy at first

One way to get around the battery life issue is to get an external battery, and Leo likes the Aukey batteries.

Alan has heard that there is a new version of the Galaxy S6 coming out, called the Galaxy S6 Active. It's supposed to be water proof, more robust, have an improved battery and would include an SD card slot. Leo says having more internal storage is better than having an SD card slot because it's always a little tricky for the operating system to handle data on another drive. Leo got the 64GB internal storage option, which has been fine for him. He uses Google Plus to upload all of his photos, so he doesn't have to keep them all on the phone itself.

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Watch Alan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says he's pretty confident there will be a Surface Pro 4 when Windows 10 comes out, and he thinks it'll be a good choice. According to Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley, Windows 10 should be out at the end of July. Alan wonders if the new Surface Pro is really going to be a big improvement over the Surface Pro 3, or if it just will lower the price of the Surface Pro 3. Leo says either way, he's golden! He'll get to choose. Leo thinks even the lower end Microsoft Surface 3 is a good choice.

Watch Mickie from Studio City, CA Comments

Mickie recently bought a Samsung Galaxy TV for streaming, but she can't get the HBO Go or Showtime Go App on it. Leo says that's the problem with the Smart TV -- they won't have all the smart apps she wants. She'll be better off just buying a Roku. What about the Apple TV? Leo has both and the only reason to prefer the AppleTV is if she plans to buy stuff though the Apple ecosystem. Roku, by contrast, has a lot more options, thousands of channels, and it's updatable.

She wants to be able to do AirPlay with HBO Go. Leo says she'll have to be in an app that supports AirPlay. When she swipes up from the bottom of the screen, she'll see the AirPlay option and then she can select Apple TV and it'll play on the TV screen. As long as the Apple TV is connected and she's seeing it, she shouldn't have a problem. Check out the AppleTV support page here -

Watch Lou from West Covina, CA Comments

Lou has to buy a new laptop. He's looking at Dell and HP, and he hears that they are second and third best. Leo says that stats can be deceiving. On paper a laptop can look great, but in reality, his experience could be different. Usability is more than specs. He'll have to dig deeper. HP looks great on paper, but some features can be annoying. Another frustration of HP is that they traditionally have been loaded up with trial or bloatware. They've gotten better, but still nowhere near for Leo to recommend. They're also about to spin off the PC division. So its future is uncertain.

Leo likes Dell, especially the XPS 13. Nice screen, excellent keyboard, and a good fit and feel. That's his current choice. Asus makes good laptops as well. Acer's S7 is also amazing. There are plenty of good choices outside of HP.

Should he get refurbished? Leo says that refurbished is a great option, but only if he buys them from the manufacturer. Most of the time they are merely open box returns with a full warranty. Third party refurbs have no such protection. If he can get a refurbished Dell, by Dell, that matches his needs, that's the way to go.

Watch Diana from Laguna Beach, CA Comments

Diana bought a new Apple iPhone 5. The Apple store employee merged her contacts, but every contact in her phone was from iCloud and not her personal contacts. Leo says that's probably true. He assumed that Diana's phone was backed up, and it wasn't. Going forward, Diana should continue to backup to iCloud so if she loses her phone, she'll still have her contacts. She should just clean it up first. Then back up her contacts to the Cloud and have it continue to backup regularly. She can log into to see and modify her contacts from there. But doing it from the desktop will be much easier. The scary thing to do though, is to delete her contacts everywhere except iCloud and then let iCloud propagate it to her other platforms.

What about her husband's contacts? Leo says to create two separate Apple accounts and they'll both have separate, synced accounts in the cloud. Leo also recommends setting up a Google account and sync the contacts up there. Then they can turn off the iCloud contact sync and sync through Google. Google also has a de-duplicator to get rid of duplicate entries. Google is way better at syncing to the cloud than Apple is.

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Watch Michael from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Michael's iMac needs to be replaced and he was about to buy a refurbished Mac when he heard the price of the 5K iMac was dropped. Leo says that not everything Apple does gets a huge announcement. The 5K iMac is gorgeous, but he shouldn't consider the hard drive upgradable. Only the RAM can be boosted in that model. An iMac with 8GB of RAM is pretty good, and a 1TB fully spinning drive is good. Or he can go with a 256GB SSD and use an external hard drive for data. An SSD is the single best upgrade for most computers. It really does speed them up.

Watch Cary from Cottonwood, AZ Comments

Cary's iPhoto app has been deleted. Have her pictures been lost? Leo says probably not. She can get iPhoto back through the app store, but her originals should still be on the hard drive. She should look for a folder called "Original Photos" and then select "Show Package Contents." She should back up all of her originals. Once she's done that, she can open the new Photos app and it'll migrate the photos automatically. Photos isn't worse than iPhoto, it's just different.

Watch Bob from Tehachapi, CA Comments

Bob is interested in home automation, but he's concerned with security. Can it run amuck? Leo says that it's such a new thing, we don't really know all the downsides yet. Keyless entry is the challenge, especially with a car. A car uses keyless entry with the keyfob signal by proximity. You can actually buy a booster to send it out further. But that's a security flaw. Anything with a computer can have flaws and bugs in programming. So it is possible and Bob's right to pay attention to it. But we're in the very early days. Just remember that a lock is an illusion, not a security feature. It's a statement to the honest to stay away. but it doesn't stop a criminal, does it?

Watch Dan from Whittier, CA Comments

Dan just got a new iPhone and he and his son has shared data. How does that affect when he uses his phone as a personal hotspot? Leo says that when he uses a personal hotspot, it brings no more to the party, he's just paying more for the priviledge of hotspotting. Dan can use a free service like FreedomPop, but it's for a very limited amount of data. Then he'd start paying. Wi-Fi hotspots, though, will cost him nothing. So if he's at a Starbucks, he can connect to that and it won't count against his data at all. But he can just watch his data and only pay when he goes past the 10GB threshold. It's just easier that way.