What phone should I buy my mom?

Episode 1189 (31:41)

Alex from Sacramento, CA
Apple iPhone 6

Alex is trying to decide that smartphone to get his mother. He'd like to be able to video chat with her. Leo says that while he likes Android, the iPhone is really good because of FaceTime. What about battery life? Leo says he gets through the entire day with ease. But it really comes down to how good the signal is. If the phone is constantly looking for a signal, that can kill the phone in a half a day. But if he's in a good area, then the phone doesn't have to work as hard and that translates to hours more battery life.

Alex has also heard about the Martian Watch, which is another smartphone that is voice operated. Leo says that's a new one he has to check out. Alex also says his wife needs a "stop gap" phone with a good camera. Leo says that the iPhone 5 is an excellent choice.