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Watch Alex from Sacramento, CA Comments

Alex is trying to decide that smartphone to get his mother. He'd like to be able to video chat with her. Leo says that while he likes Android, the iPhone is really good because of FaceTime. What about battery life? Leo says he gets through the entire day with ease. But it really comes down to how good the signal is. If the phone is constantly looking for a signal, that can kill the phone in a half a day. But if he's in a good area, then the phone doesn't have to work as hard and that translates to hours more battery life.

Alex has also heard about the Martian Watch, which is another smartphone that is voice operated. Leo says that's a new one he has to check out. Alex also says his wife needs a "stop gap" phone with a good camera. Leo says that the iPhone 5 is an excellent choice.

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Watch Charlie from Winton, MA Comments

Charlie goes to local baseball games and they stream the announcing of the game over the internet. He'd like to be able to beam it via Bluetooth for people to listen to it on their smartphones. Leo says that he can't really do that because of its limited range. It's only 30 feet. He could set up a small, micro power radio station. Or he can just stream it and people can listen to the stream on their smartphones. Bluetooth is just too limited in range. And even if the range wasn't an issue, a transmitter can only handle so many pairings. It's not designed to work with many devices.

Watch Matthew from Austria Comments

Matthew has a Lenovo T410 Thinkpad for college. Leo says it's really good and has a great keyboard, but Matthew found Superfish on it! Leo says that's horrible and part of the reason why he doesn't recommend Lenovo anymore. Matthew cleaned it off, but it runs slower than he'd like. Leo says that one option is to replace the spinning drive with an SSD. But it depends on how the bus is connected to determine if the laptop can take advantage of the speed that an SSD buys him. He'll get some benefits, but the question is, how much?

Another thing that can slow down his computer is bitrot. Matthew should try backing up his hard drive, wiping it and then reinstalling Windows. That should bring it back to as fast as it was when he first got it.

Watch Eric from Chino Hills, CA Comments

Eric's daughter has a Mac Mini and she's thinking of bringing it to school, but the monitor is so huge. So she's thinking of going with a Windows laptop. Leo says that the base model MacBook Air is $899 and that's a good choice, And the educational discount saves another 10%. Eric could also go to the Apple Refurbished site to save a few hundred dollars more.

Leo says he could get a $200 HP Stream, but it won't be able to handle the load of video editing. If she's using Final Cut, then she really does need a Mac. Leo also says to check with the school to see what their discounts are. She could get it down as low as the cost of a higher end Windows machine and she should use a MacBook Pro for video editing.

Watch Jorge from California Comments

Jorge wants to know about the best security cameras for the home. Leo says they used to use DropCam and they have a great service where the video is uploaded to the internet and he could go back into time. It's also HD quality video. The downside is that it eats up bandwidth.

What about Swann? It's sold at Costco. Leo says they've been around for awhile and it's nice because it's a kit with everything he would need. But he'd need to know what the requirements are and how they connect to the internet. Logitech does this as well with a product called AlertWeb Mobile Commander.

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Watch Mike from Whitewater, CA Comments

Mike just bought a 65" Samsung curved 4K TV. He wants to know if they're going to be coming out with Blu-ray players soon. Leo says that there will be a new 4K Blu-ray player later this year and some are already streaming in 4K, like Netflix. But the problem is, to get all that streamed, they have to significantly compress it. It's really early now and standards are going to change.

Watch Jack from La Junta, CO Comments

Jack is getting his first smartphone with a data plan. Which plan should he get? Leo says that rule of thumb is, unless he's watching a lot of video, he's probably only going to go through 3-4 GB a month. Is 40GB too much of a plan? Leo says he doesn't know of such a plan and it could be that he's confusing throughput with data caps. He should check the website for their available plans.

Watch Noah from Wyoming, MI Comments

Noah is trying to connect his laptop to his router via ethernet, but his laptop keeps connecting via Wi-Fi instead. Leo says on the Mac, he could order the connections so that the laptop would try ethernet first and then go to Wi-Fi. On a Windows Machine it's a bit more complicated. It could be a driver issue. He should update his drivers.

Watch Marian from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Marian needs to connect five wireless devices to the same storage. Leo says that the easiest would be to buy storage in the cloud. iCloud would be the best option for Marian's Apple needs, and she can direct data to be automatically backed up to iCloud and then access all of it from any of her devices. Videos is going to be a challenge, though. But for images, Apple's new Photos app does it all automatically once she turns on iCloud Drive. It'll also put size appropriate versions for her device automatically, which will save space. Other options include Microsoft One Drive and Google Drive. But for Marian, iCloud is going to be the best option.

Watch Alison from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Alison wants to drop her phone line because it's getting too expensive, but she's worried about emergencies. Leo says that the benefit of keeping a landline is that the phones are powered by the phone company. But as we've shifted away from the old systems, that capability is gone. She could end up with a battery backup in her home, though, so she should check that out. The problem is, those batteries aren't maintained, so they can die after a few years. Alison will end up having no backup. She can pay for California Life Line service, which is about $10. Then she can pick up a phone that just plugs into the phone jack and it should work even when the power goes out.

Watch Dave from San Diego, CA Comments

Dave has some high def videos and they aren't playing right. They're dropping frames and are jumpy. Leo says that high def video can be a bandwidth hog, and on an old computer it can be struggling to keep up. It could also be an issue with the codec or that it was encoded at too high of a bitrate. But the files are probably OK. He may want to re-encode them though, and Handbrake will help you with that.

Watch Joe from Zipolite, Mexico Comments

Joe was installing a VPN on a new Asus laptop and it worked just fine using Tunnel Bear. Leo says that Tunnel Bear is awesome. Then he moved to an open source VPN and he can't get it to work. Leo says this is why using a service is beneficial. You can have support when things go wrong. The other problem may be that Joe still has Tunnel Bear on his computer. So there's probably a conflict. And you also need to connect to an open source server. You can't just drop the client software and use their service. If you're not using Tunnel Bear, then you have to use another open source server to connect to and that's why a service is beneficial. Go back to Tunnel Bear and say lesson learned.