What's a good alternative for the OnePlus One?

Episode 1188 (1:05:01)

Edward from Oceanside, CA
OnePlus One

Edward has been having issues with his OnePlus One and he really wants to get a different phone. Suggestions? Leo says he wouldn't give up the OnePlus One just yet. He should try a factory reset first. Then look at his apps. Maybe there's a bad app that's causing it. He also may want to try and put the Oxygen OS on it. That could also help.

If it's a hardware issue, then it may be possible to send it back to OnePlus and trade it in for a new one. If he really wants to get something else, the Motorola Moto X is a good option, as is the Samsung Galaxy S6, but it has a few software issues as well. Leo says that the new LG G4 is another, better option because it has a removable battery.