How can I record images of games on my iPad?

Episode 1188 (29:55)

Evan from Cary, NC

Evan has a YouTube channel and he does video blogs. But now he wants to do "Lets Play" videos of video games. How can he do that? He's using an iPad Mini to play the games, but can he record at the same time? Leo says no. "Let's Play" videos are very popular. Could he jailbreak and do it? Leo says not to jailbreak the iPad. It will make it less reliable. In order for Evan to be able to record gameplay on the iPad, iOS would have to let two different apps talk to each other and Apple doesn't like that from a security point of view.

Leo recommends using another camera that shoots over his shoulder using a GorillaPod from Joby. He can play the same video games on Steam on a computer and then use the iPad to record that. Also if he has OS X Yosemite on a Mac, he can now record his iOS device screen using Quicktime Pro. Here how -

There's also Shou.TV, a community for Android/iOS gamers to broadcast their games, but he'll have to jailbreak his phone and Leo isn't crazy about that.