How can I connect my computers without being on the Internet?

Episode 1188 (43:44)

Andrew from Sonoma, CA

Andrew got a new computer and he wants to set it up to use a monitor, mouse, and keyboard and switch between multiple computers. Leo says there are hardware ways with a KVM switch. But to do this in software, he'll need Wi-Fi. Tripplite and iOGear make great switches.

How can he transfer files back and forth if he wants one computer off the internet? Leo says directly connecting over ethernet cable is the best option in that case. He could connect it via Wi-Fi and then block the Internet access from any computer through the router. But he would run the risk that malware could still jump computers if they're connected on the same net. Andrew shouldn't use a browser on it and run as a limited user, not an administrator. Leo says that he's used comptuers on the net all the time and he really hasn't had any issues.