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Watch John from Pasadena, CA Comments

John has a Panasonic Lumix camera that he uses for his photography hobby. He's been shooting since the 70s. But he wants to know how he can link it to his smartwatch and use it as a trigger remote. Leo says that both the Apple Watch and Android Smartwatches can do that with the phone camera. He can even see what the phone sees from the watch. This allows him to remote trigger and even do a self timer option.

Many cameras have a Wi-Fi connection, so it's only a matter of time before someone writes an app for the watch to take advantage of it. The LG G Watch R and the LG Urbane have beautiful OLED screens.

Watch Evan from Cary, NC Comments

Evan has a YouTube channel and he does video blogs. But now he wants to do "Lets Play" videos of video games. How can he do that? He's using an iPad Mini to play the games, but can he record at the same time? Leo says no. "Let's Play" videos are very popular. Could he jailbreak and do it? Leo says not to jailbreak the iPad. It will make it less reliable. In order for Evan to be able to record gameplay on the iPad, iOS would have to let two different apps talk to each other and Apple doesn't like that from a security point of view.

Leo recommends using another camera that shoots over his shoulder using a GorillaPod from Joby. He can play the same video games on Steam on a computer and then use the iPad to record that. Also if he has OS X Yosemite on a Mac, he can now record his iOS device screen using Quicktime Pro. Here how -

There's also Shou.TV, a community for Android/iOS gamers to broadcast their games, but he'll have to jailbreak his phone and Leo isn't crazy about that.

Watch Andrew from Sonoma, CA Comments

Andrew got a new computer and he wants to set it up to use a monitor, mouse, and keyboard and switch between multiple computers. Leo says there are hardware ways with a KVM switch. But to do this in software, he'll need Wi-Fi. Tripplite and iOGear make great switches.

How can he transfer files back and forth if he wants one computer off the internet? Leo says directly connecting over ethernet cable is the best option in that case. He could connect it via Wi-Fi and then block the Internet access from any computer through the router. But he would run the risk that malware could still jump computers if they're connected on the same net. Andrew shouldn't use a browser on it and run as a limited user, not an administrator. Leo says that he's used comptuers on the net all the time and he really hasn't had any issues.

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Watch Marilee from Highland, IN Comments

Marilee and her husband are both artists and they'd like to use the Internet to earn a living with her art. They're looking to do tutorials. Should they create a DVD or do online training? Leo says that online training is definitely the way to go, buy why not do both? There will be older people that want to do it as a DVD, but also have an online option for the younger crowd. Leo recommends checking out Lynda. Then Lulu for DVDs on demand.

(Disclaimer: Lynda is a sponsor)

Watch Marilee from Highland, IN Comments

What computer should she get for video editing? Leo says an iMac is the way to go, but some say the Mac Pro is better. Leo disagrees. She'd still have to buy a monitor and other externals if she got the Mac Pro. The iMac is faster and she'll get that huge 5k display, making it easier to edit. She's not doing advanced rendering, so the 5K iMac is ideal. And she'll want more memory, at least 16GB. As far as the processor goes, the faster clock speed is more important than the number of cores. She won't need to get an upgraded video card either.

Watch Edward from Oceanside, CA Comments

Edward has been having issues with his OnePlus One and he really wants to get a different phone. Suggestions? Leo says he wouldn't give up the OnePlus One just yet. He should try a factory reset first. Then look at his apps. Maybe there's a bad app that's causing it. He also may want to try and put the Oxygen OS on it. That could also help.

If it's a hardware issue, then it may be possible to send it back to OnePlus and trade it in for a new one. If he really wants to get something else, the Motorola Moto X is a good option, as is the Samsung Galaxy S6, but it has a few software issues as well. Leo says that the new LG G4 is another, better option because it has a removable battery.

Watch Jim from Houston, TX Comments

Jim has been watching some of Leo's podcasts and is concerned with security on his PC. What antivirus software should he use on Windows 8.1? Leo says that Microsoft ships Windows Defender for free and that's all he needs. But he should remember that an antivirus is only as good as his own behavior. What about MalwareBytes? Leo says that while Malware Bytes is effective, he can actually do more harm than good if he doesn't know what he's doing. And if his computer has been infected, he will have no idea if he actually removed all of it or not. Once he has malware on his system, the only sane option is to backup his data and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

Here are more things Leo recommends all users do to protect themselves:

1. Stop using as an administrator. Use it as a limited user instead. Add an account as an administrator and then demote your existing account to limited user. This will stop over 90% of all the exploits out there.
2. Stop using Internet Explorer. Go with Google Chrome. It's free and far more secure.
3. Don't click on links in email.
4. Only get your software from original vendors.
5. Keep your anti virus software up to date.
6. Stop using Java
7. Use a password vault like LastPass
8. Turn on second factor authentication

He can also run Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (start-run-mrt-enter) as a backup AVS.

Watch Frank from Richboro, PA Comments

Frank wants to output the video from his new iOS device to his car. His car video system requires a composite connection. He says there used to be an adapter that would work with the 30-pin connectors on older iOS devices, but he hasn't found anything that works with Apple's new Lightning connector. Leo says he may have to use two adapters to go from Lightning to HDMI, and then buy a $10 dongle that will convert HDMI to composite.

Another solution is to get an older $25 Raspberry Pi that has a composite output, load up an SD card with videos, and use that in the car.

Watch Mark from Escondido, CA Comments

Mark has an old PC and his sound card broke. He knows it isn't worth fixing, so he's wondering if there is an external sound card option? Leo says yes! USB sound cards are available, and they are even better for the computer because they don't pick up the fan noise of the computer itself. Mark will want a USB DAC. They range in price from affordable to expensive. Check out the Syba USB Stereo Audio Adapter. It costs just $8!

There's also FiiO DACs from $25-75 and up. There's a high end one from Dragonfly, which is about $150.

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Watch Peter from Dana Point.CA Comments

Peter had his credit cards stolen. Leo says it's a very common thing. The good news is that in the US, the banks take all the liability, and this Fall, a new credit card will come out with chips and PIN numbers to guard against theft. Another option is to sign up for one time use credit card numbers, or numbers that can be used with just one merchant.

Is there a good identitity protection service? Leo says identity theft doesn't happen when you get your charge card stolen, its' when you get your social security number and other personal information stolen. That makes it very hard to undo. Service wise, though, LifeLock is a great way to go. Leo uses them. They use deep analysis to identify problems and fraud.

Leo also recommends that everyone get a free credit card report from all three agencies every year. What about Unfortunately, it's not really free.

Peter can also put a lock on his account every year for free and that prevents being issued credit cards for a whole year. Here's how -

Watch Kris from Merced, CA Comments

Kris would like to move her iPhone 4 from AT&T to Verizon. Leo says she can't. The phones are the same model, but the iPhone 4 on AT&T has a GSM radio, and the Verizon model uses CDMA. She could get it unlocked and use it on T-Mobile, though. But to go from AT&T to Verizon, she'll need an iPhone 5 or above. In fact, if she can go to Verizon and say she wants to leave AT&T. Verizon actually sells an unlocked iPhone due to a consent decree with the federal government. And then she could use it on any carrier.

Watch Michael from Hollywood, CA Comments

Michael has an older MacBook Pro and he's looking to get a new MacBook Air for DJing. Would it be sufficient? Leo says that MacBook Air with 4GB RAM should work just fine. But doubling up on the RAM certainly wouldn't hurt. Audio isn't that big of a power draw. The 13" MacBook Pro is a great option too, as it's thin, light, and has a gorgeous screen.

Watch Greg from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Greg trains athletes and he's not a fan of the heart rate monitor of the Apple Watch. Leo says that nothing is going to beat a breast strap that monitors heart rate. But in time, maybe. The Watch is close accuracy wise, but it's not going to replace a Garmin for more serious, higher performance activity. His best bet is patience at this point. It's early days still. Give it time and it'll not only be more accurate, but it will have more features. Polar straps are supported by the Apple watch via Health Kit, however.

Watch John from Freemont, MI Comments

John's iPhone 5 has died. He's got 4,000 pictures on it. What can he do? Leo says that one place that can maybe do it is DriveSavers. They're experts at data recovery and do offer iPhone recovery, but it won't be cheap. If they can't do it, they'll know who can. This is why backing up is so important.