Why does my Google think I'm in Korea?

Episode 1187 (1:36:19)

Howard from Pasadena, CA

Howard went to Google to search something and he discovered the website is Google Korea. Leo says it's an easy fix. Click on the far right setting, go into search settings and save his location. That should solve it. If it doesn't, then he should look into the date/time utility in system preferences to see what time zone it's set for.

The chatroom says to go to whereisIP.net and see where his IP is. IPLocation.net would work as well. If it says Korea, Howard may need to contact his ISP and Google to let them know. The router may be misreporting.

Howard should turn off his computer, unplug the router and modem. He should count for awhile and then go back on. See if that resets the IP. He should also try logging into Google on a different computer and see if that is different. He can also go to the bottom of Gmail and in the bottom right, click on details and he can see if anyone else is logging into his account.