What accessories should I get with my new camera?

Episode 1187 (1:17:09)

Patrick from Sullivan, IL
Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR

Patrick is getting a new camera for his birthday and he'll be taking all the pictures. He wants to get a new Canon T6s. Leo says that if his mom is willing to go that far, it's a great entry level still camera. But it will also take 1080p HD video. Patrick should make sure he spends a lot of energy learning how to use it right.

What about accessories? Leo says not to go wild on them, but a tripod is nice to have. The fisheye lens won't be great quality, but it can be good for skateboard videos. He shouldn't waste money on filters. He doesn't need them - especially the haze filter. Leo recommends getting the camera and 18-105 kit lens right now. That's all he'll need, and he should wait on the fisheye.