How can I hack my router?

Episode 1187 (1:26:59)

Ken from Dominican Republic

Ken's ISP in the Dominican Republic locks down his router so he can't make any changes at all. Leo says as long as he can change the password and give it encryption, he'll be OK with everything else. But Ken says it causes his cell phone to lose connection when he's using VOIP on his SIP phone. Leo says he'll need a QOS feature that will prioritize internet telephones.

If he can put the router in "bridge mode" and use his own, that's an option. But Ken says they won't allow that either. Leo has a hunch that if he Googles for a workaround in his area, he'll probably find it. Putting the IP address into DMZ mode on the router could help if he can get to it. He'll need to know how to get into admin access.