The GizWiz and the hardware

Episode 1187 (1:54:00)

Fresh back from the Hardware show, Dickie D has a pair of great gadgets to show off:

The UpCart is a six-wheel cart is capable of "walking" over curbs and stairs, or moving over irregular terrain. It combines a three-wheel chassis with a folding handcart. Cauling a 100-pound cabinet up multiple stairwells. It has rubber tires and ball bearings in the wheels. It’s under $90 and available for preorder on the company website. (As of 5/14/15).
Giz Wiz Video:
Company Website:

The DoohicKey SkullKey Tool is a simple, key-shaped tool that attaches to your key ring. Features a file, a #2 flat-head screwdriver, a scoring point, a serrated edge, and a bottle opener.And under $6 as of 5/16/15 on Amazon. They also make the same key without the skeleton design as seen in the photo at left. And Amazon Prime, so free shipping if you're a Prime Member.

Nite Ize DoohicKey SkullKey, Stainless