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Watch Chris from California Comments

Chris wants to buy a laptop and he needs processor power, but what else should he consider? Leo says that for what Chris wants, he should have an i7 with 16 GB of RAM with a solid state drive. Chris says he can get an i5 with 12GB. Is that good enough? Leo says sure. the i7 has Hyperthreading, which is good for multitasking. For raw speed, however, the i5 works just as well. If he wants a pro machine, it's going to set him back between $1000 and $1500. Chris hates touch screens though. Should he bite the bullet and just get one? Leo says that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 would be a great choice. The chatroom says that the Microsoft store nearest Chris is in Mission Viejo. That's where Chris is going to want to go.

Watch Lyle from San Diego, CA Comments

Lyle's iPhone 5s keeps switching between SMS and iMessages. Leo says that iMessage is best if Lyle and his friends all have iPhones. Leo says that WhatsApp is an option, but he'd have to get everyone to use it. Cross platforms can be tricky.

SMS is the standard, and he can choose that setting for those who aren't on the iPhone and iMessage for those who are in his contacts. He should also check to be sure the option to send as SMS is turned on, should iMessage fail.

Watch Eric from Saint Louis, MO Comments

Eric is having trouble syncing his wife's Fitbit with her phone. Leo says that the Fitbit will use Bluetooth to sync to the phone with the Fitbit app. Eric will have to pair it. Then she can use her cellular data to upload her Fitbit data to her account. The Fitbit doesn't need Wi-Fi to work -- it just needs Bluetooth to connect to the phone.

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Watch Bob from San Diego, CA Comments

Bob is having trouble with his download speeds. They just aren't consistent from computer to computer. Leo says it's important to understand that he's paying for *up to* the maximum download speed. It can vary wildly. But Bob says sometimes is slows down to a crawl on one of his computers. Leo says he can experiment by rebooting the computer and see if it goes back up to max download speeds. If so, that means there's a program running. That's called a "memory leak" and the computer is using up bandwidth by that program.

Buffer bloat with his router could be the issue as well. Bob should try another speed test. TestMy.Net,, has a great speed test, and a great article on what buffer bloat is and how to fix it. A better router would probably solve the issue.

Watch Steve from Dana Point, CA Comments

Steve needs to upgrade from his old BlackBerry and he wants to know how he can export and save his text messages. Leo says it's possible to save text messages via SIM, but the SIM is very small. He could back up the text messages with the BlackBerry software, as well as third party solutions, but whether they will be legally viable after that is another story. Which is why Leo would recommend keeping the phone and sim as is and get a new SIM for the new phone.

Pleasant Solutions has a program for saving text messages in a manner that's best for court/legal solutions. It's called Berry Extract and it's $35.

Watch Patrick from Sullivan, IL Comments

Patrick is getting a new camera for his birthday and he'll be taking all the pictures. He wants to get a new Canon T6s. Leo says that if his mom is willing to go that far, it's a great entry level still camera. But it will also take 1080p HD video. Patrick should make sure he spends a lot of energy learning how to use it right.

What about accessories? Leo says not to go wild on them, but a tripod is nice to have. The fisheye lens won't be great quality, but it can be good for skateboard videos. He shouldn't waste money on filters. He doesn't need them - especially the haze filter. Leo recommends getting the camera and 18-105 kit lens right now. That's all he'll need, and he should wait on the fisheye.

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Watch Ken from Dominican Republic Comments

Ken's ISP in the Dominican Republic locks down his router so he can't make any changes at all. Leo says as long as he can change the password and give it encryption, he'll be OK with everything else. But Ken says it causes his cell phone to lose connection when he's using VOIP on his SIP phone. Leo says he'll need a QOS feature that will prioritize internet telephones.

If he can put the router in "bridge mode" and use his own, that's an option. But Ken says they won't allow that either. Leo has a hunch that if he Googles for a workaround in his area, he'll probably find it. Putting the IP address into DMZ mode on the router could help if he can get to it. He'll need to know how to get into admin access.

Watch Steve from Aliso Viejo, CA Comments

Steve wants to know how to untangle his iTunes account from the rest of the family. Leo says the first thing is to create a separate Apple ID for his kids. Then, add it to his family share for movies, music, etc. Then he can buy separately and still share it. But the only real issue is copy protected songs.

Watch Howard from Pasadena, CA Comments

Howard went to Google to search something and he discovered the website is Google Korea. Leo says it's an easy fix. Click on the far right setting, go into search settings and save his location. That should solve it. If it doesn't, then he should look into the date/time utility in system preferences to see what time zone it's set for.

The chatroom says to go to and see where his IP is. would work as well. If it says Korea, Howard may need to contact his ISP and Google to let them know. The router may be misreporting.

Howard should turn off his computer, unplug the router and modem. He should count for awhile and then go back on. See if that resets the IP. He should also try logging into Google on a different computer and see if that is different. He can also go to the bottom of Gmail and in the bottom right, click on details and he can see if anyone else is logging into his account.

Watch Garrett from Miami, FL Comments

Garrett needs to create a wireless solution for routing camera signals into his board. What does Leo think of Teradek? Leo says it's a great company. Leo uses LiveU. They bond together 3G and 4G cellular to stream more reliably with multiple cameras. Teradek even hardware encodes the video and bonds the 4G networks to send it out.

Can they use local Wi-Fi for that? Leo says he'll saturate it pretty quickly, especially at HD. Ultimately, wired is going to be the best solution for streaming live events. Using SDI is great because he can go hundreds of feet with it. Leo uses a Blackmagic converter for that.

Watch LaMarty from Bellflower, CA Comments

Lamarty needs to replace his cell phone. Should he get the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 4? Leo says the S6 has a great screen, but the Note 4 has a bigger screen plus the ability to remove the battery and SD card. Leo suggests going with the better screen size of the Note 4.

Watch Carrie from Lancaster, CA Comments

Carrie needs a digital converter box for her antenna. Leo says that this was started by the FCC which offered them for free during the first year or two. She can buy the Emetic AT103B at Walmart for about $30. It'll even have recording capabilities.