Will LastPass protect me from a hacked router?

Episode 1186 (1:05:26)

John from Biddeford, ME

John's router from the ISP is very easy to get into, and there's no way to change the password. Will LastPass protect him from a brute force attack? Leo says LastPass will only help him if he's able to change the password on the router. Then he could use LastPass to generate a secure password and store it for him. Leo says if he can turn off WLAN Administration, then he should at least do that. Even if an outsider were to log into his router, they only could really change the settings. But this still isn't a great solution.

Leo recommends that he either ask for a better router or get his own. He should also change the SSID if he can. Leo uses deceased rock stars. Some people use FBI Surveillance Van. Then change the password if he can. He should turn on WPA2 encryption, and turn off universal plug and play.