Why does my laptop randomly shut down?

Episode 1186 (40:52)

Patrick from Riverside, CA

Patrick is a DJ and his laptop shuts down randomly. Sometimes when he closes the lid, and sometimes when he plugs in a USB. Leo says that could be an overheating issue, but more likely there's a short somewhere and that's a serious issue. Laptops are difficult to repair, sadly. Either the fan has gone bad, or there's a lot of dust. Even the thermal paste could have dried out.

He should eliminate the overheating issue by elevating the laptop and get a laptop fan. That will run air around it to keep it cooler. He can even install a monitor on the laptop to keep track of the heat. He can monitor his PC's temperature with this tool: http://alcpu.com/CoreTemp. If it's a short, though, chances are he'll have to replace the laptop since it's expensive to repair out of warranty.