Why can't I get back online after removing malware?

Episode 1186 (2:04:39)

Ed from Philadelphia, PA

Ed has discovered malware on his computer so he took it off and now he can't get on the internet. Leo says that Malware comes through any browser and when you get malware, or in this case adware, removing it can be problematic. Installers will attach the malware or adware to a critical system file and then when you remove it, you also remove the critical files for your system.

Ed can go to the command line and run "SFC scannow." That's the Windows system file checker. It will see what's missing and repair it. Leo thinks the TCP/IP stack got clobbered, so this Microsoft Support document may help. The host file may be corrupted or changed.

But at this point, Ed probably should just backup all of his data, reformat his computer and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.