What's a good small screen smart phone?

Episode 1186 (1:16:40)

Eric from Ann Arbor, MI
BlackBerry Classic

Eric's mom uses an old phone that has a physical keyboard. She needs a new phone now and he can't seem to find one small enough for her. Leo says that Samsung does make smaller versions of their Galaxy Phones, like the Alpha, which is 4.7 inches. The smaller the screen, though, the harder it will be to type. He can go with the older iPhone, like the iPhone 5 or even the iPhone 4S, which is available for free now. It's a great smartphone for a first choice.

Motorola Moto X is another smaller phone option. The best thing for Eric to do is take his mom to the phone store and have her hold them.

If she wants a phone with a physical keyboard, Eric could consider the BlackBerry Classic.