Should ESPN cover eSports and Video Games?

Episode 1186 (1:51:49)

Julien from Los Angeles, CA

Julien says that ESPN is going to start covering "eSports." Leo says that ESPN sees how popular Twitch is, with how many people watch video games being played, and they see the reason for it. But many of the sports casters say it isn't sports. Will ESPN have a mutiny on their hands?

Leo is a believer in "nativity," or what the native platform is. There's no reason to cover eSports on TV when the games are online. It would legitimize eSports but the economics of broadcast television is such that they'd have to dumb down the coverage. Leo saw the same thing with TechTV after it got sold. While you can be a success with a half million viewers on Twitch, that's a dismal money losing failure for ESPN.