Is the Moto-E a good first smartphone?

Episode 1186 (44:54)

Mike from Maine

Mike is going to get his first smart phone through Cricket. What does Leo think of the Motorola Moto-E? Leo likes the Moto E. It's a great phone for just $75 out the door. The screen is a bit low res, but it's a great choice.

Would it be worth it to spend another two hundred and get a OnePlus One? Leo says he really likes it. It was his pick for Phone of the Year in 2014. Runs Cyanogen Mod, plus OnePlus One is also putting its own Oxygen mod which is as close to pure Android you can get outside of Google. It really comes down to Mike, and Leo says since he's just starting out, it's best to spend more than less. He should go for the OnePlus One.