How can I stream live through my camcorder?

Episode 1186 (15:37)

Nick from Santa Cruz, CA

Nick has a camcorder with HDMI out and he wants to know if he can run Wirecast with a tablet. Leo says probably not. He'll need a computer because tablets don't have HDMI in, only HDMI Out. He'd also need HDMI live as a feature in the camcorder. If it will only be live in playback, then it won't help. Do any notebooks have HDMI? Leo uses Canon Vixia's with a Blackmagic converter to run into the computer. Imogen also makes an HDMI Input card.

The problem though, according to the chatroom, is that HDMI In would merely play on the screen and he won't be able to capture video with it due to copyright issues. Hollywood is too obsessed with copy protection to prevent any possibility of Blu-ray to be captured by laptops.