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Watch Nick from Santa Cruz, CA Comments

Nick has a camcorder with HDMI out and he wants to know if he can run Wirecast with a tablet. Leo says probably not. He'll need a computer because tablets don't have HDMI in, only HDMI Out. He'd also need HDMI live as a feature in the camcorder. If it will only be live in playback, then it won't help. Do any notebooks have HDMI? Leo uses Canon Vixia's with a Blackmagic converter to run into the computer. Imogen also makes an HDMI Input card.

The problem though, according to the chatroom, is that HDMI In would merely play on the screen and he won't be able to capture video with it due to copyright issues. Hollywood is too obsessed with copy protection to prevent any possibility of Blu-ray to be captured by laptops.

Watch Kerry from Marina Del Rey, CA Comments

Kerry is a digital artist and loves to create cinemagraphs, which are animated GIFs. Sadly, there's no way to display them. He was wondering if he could use an Android mini PC stick or Raspberry Pi to drive it with a flatscreen monitor. Leo says that's a great idea since they have HDMI out. And then attach a wooden frame around the monitor with a matte. Leo says that's very clever. Kerry uses an app called QuickPick that displays cinemagraphs via Android in a slide show concept.

Check out Kerry's website - Come Alive Images

Watch Patrick from Riverside, CA Comments

Patrick is a DJ and his laptop shuts down randomly. Sometimes when he closes the lid, and sometimes when he plugs in a USB. Leo says that could be an overheating issue, but more likely there's a short somewhere and that's a serious issue. Laptops are difficult to repair, sadly. Either the fan has gone bad, or there's a lot of dust. Even the thermal paste could have dried out.

He should eliminate the overheating issue by elevating the laptop and get a laptop fan. That will run air around it to keep it cooler. He can even install a monitor on the laptop to keep track of the heat. He can monitor his PC's temperature with this tool: If it's a short, though, chances are he'll have to replace the laptop since it's expensive to repair out of warranty.

Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike is going to get his first smart phone through Cricket. What does Leo think of the Motorola Moto-E? Leo likes the Moto E. It's a great phone for just $75 out the door. The screen is a bit low res, but it's a great choice.

Would it be worth it to spend another two hundred and get a OnePlus One? Leo says he really likes it. It was his pick for Phone of the Year in 2014. Runs Cyanogen Mod, plus OnePlus One is also putting its own Oxygen mod which is as close to pure Android you can get outside of Google. It really comes down to Mike, and Leo says since he's just starting out, it's best to spend more than less. He should go for the OnePlus One.

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Watch John from Biddeford, ME Comments

John's router from the ISP is very easy to get into, and there's no way to change the password. Will LastPass protect him from a brute force attack? Leo says LastPass will only help him if he's able to change the password on the router. Then he could use LastPass to generate a secure password and store it for him. Leo says if he can turn off WLAN Administration, then he should at least do that. Even if an outsider were to log into his router, they only could really change the settings. But this still isn't a great solution.

Leo recommends that he either ask for a better router or get his own. He should also change the SSID if he can. Leo uses deceased rock stars. Some people use FBI Surveillance Van. Then change the password if he can. He should turn on WPA2 encryption, and turn off universal plug and play.

Watch Eric from Ann Arbor, MI Comments

Eric's mom uses an old phone that has a physical keyboard. She needs a new phone now and he can't seem to find one small enough for her. Leo says that Samsung does make smaller versions of their Galaxy Phones, like the Alpha, which is 4.7 inches. The smaller the screen, though, the harder it will be to type. He can go with the older iPhone, like the iPhone 5 or even the iPhone 4S, which is available for free now. It's a great smartphone for a first choice.

Motorola Moto X is another smaller phone option. The best thing for Eric to do is take his mom to the phone store and have her hold them.

If she wants a phone with a physical keyboard, Eric could consider the BlackBerry Classic.

Watch Jack from Streamwood, IL Comments

Jack wants to build his first computer and he has a budget of about $800. He needs a good gaming quality video card. Leo says that learning how a computer works is a great reason to build one. Leo recommends going to PC Perspectives and check out their hardware leaderboard. Leo says that the AMD XFX video card is the best in that price range.

Watch Louis from Ontario, CAN Comments

Louis wants to run a dummy web server on an old eMac for running Ruby and Ajax. Leo says the eMac was good for its time, but he'll need a Linux distro that's compatible. Ubuntu may be too heavy for it. Running it command line would be the best for that computer and how low power it is. Linux Mint has a Power PC version. Check out, where they list all the Linux distributions, and he can pick the features he wants.

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Watch Julien from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Julien says that ESPN is going to start covering "eSports." Leo says that ESPN sees how popular Twitch is, with how many people watch video games being played, and they see the reason for it. But many of the sports casters say it isn't sports. Will ESPN have a mutiny on their hands?

Leo is a believer in "nativity," or what the native platform is. There's no reason to cover eSports on TV when the games are online. It would legitimize eSports but the economics of broadcast television is such that they'd have to dumb down the coverage. Leo saw the same thing with TechTV after it got sold. While you can be a success with a half million viewers on Twitch, that's a dismal money losing failure for ESPN.

Watch Ed from Philadelphia, PA Comments

Ed has discovered malware on his computer so he took it off and now he can't get on the internet. Leo says that Malware comes through any browser and when you get malware, or in this case adware, removing it can be problematic. Installers will attach the malware or adware to a critical system file and then when you remove it, you also remove the critical files for your system.

Ed can go to the command line and run "SFC scannow." That's the Windows system file checker. It will see what's missing and repair it. Leo thinks the TCP/IP stack got clobbered, so this Microsoft Support document may help. The host file may be corrupted or changed.

But at this point, Ed probably should just backup all of his data, reformat his computer and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

Watch Gary from Playa Del Rey, CA Comments

Gary is in real estate, and he's looking for a good portable computer for working out in the field. He likes Windows. Leo says that the Microsoft Surface 3 is ideal because it's a tablet that can add a keyboard. Lenovo also makes a convertible called the Yoga. Samsung makes a good tablet as well.

But the Surface 3 starts at about $500, and the Pro version will cost about $1,000. It's a full blown computer, too. Should Gary wait for Windows 10? Leo says he could since it looks like it'll be coming out in July. But Microsoft is going to give users of Windows 7 and above a free upgrade to it, so he doesn't have to wait if he doesn't want to.

Watch Peter from Azusa, CA Comments

Peter has been spring cleaning and he's got thousands of photos that he'd like to scan and digitize. Leo says that's a great project. But he'll have to be sure he has several backups. Print photos are tough and time consuming. He can get a scanner and do it, but after factoring in his time, it's better to just use a service like Scan CafeEpson Perfection Series. It may actually be faster and better to use a good still camera to shoot the photos. Peter could set it all up in a room with good lighting, a camera on a tripod, and then just snap each photo in quick succession.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor).

Watch Cheryl from Alexandria, VA Comments

Cheryl bought a $60 Winbook and was wondering if she could add a monitor to it. Leo says it does run a Micro HDMI cable, so she could add a monitor. But most have either VGA or DVI. Can she convert it? Or get a USB monitor? Leo says that she could use a USB driven monitor, and they're cheap. But they are mostly used as a second monitor. A DVI converter is a better idea.

However, the resolution of those Winbooks aren't very good and she may end up getting letter boxed black bars on the screen. Leo says to check out the HP Stream. It's about $200, and has a much bigger computer screen that will give her the right resolution for a monitor.