Why can't I view my webcams?

Episode 1185 (57:51)

Greg from Palm Beach, FL

Greg has several webcams at his home in Colorado and every time he logs into the cameras, there's no image. He has to go into compatibility mode and add an IP address manually to get it. Leo says that the issue may be compatibility mode or hardware acceleration in his video driver. If it's set to bypass Windows, then he should go to the video device driver and check or uncheck the box. He should also use the latest version of his browser.

The chatroom says ActiveX could be the issue. Greg should not allow that, as it's a security issue. If he has to turn it on though, here's how - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/help/genuine/ie-activex. But Leo recommends using a different browser, like Google Chrome. The chatroom confirmed, however, that Foscam's website requires Internet Explorer to view webcams.