What pay as you go phone is good for Verizon?

Episode 1185 (14:20)

Mike from Indiana, PA

Mike's contract is up with Verizon and he's looking to get a new phone. He wants to buy his own phone and go month to month and get off the contract. Leo says that family plans are beneficial and he wonders why people just don't get together to get one. Leo says that the Droid Turbo is quite nice. The MotoX is a nice size. If you can still get a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, it's a great phone, and you may be able to get it free. Verizon also allows you to bring a phone to your pay as you go. The One Plus One may be able to work on Verizon. Leo says that Cyanogen's Oxygen OS takes some rooting of the phone, but Leo did it and it's great.

What about the Samsung Galaxy SV? Leo says it didn't sell as good as the S4 and it's loaded up with junk. But it would be fine.