How can I get Carbonite to work?

Episode 1185 (40:20)

Tom from Huntington Beach, CA

Tom is having issues with backup. He's been using Acronis True Image and over time it starts to create errors. Leo says that imaging is great for creating a moment in time, so if something goes wrong, he could blast that image back on the hard drive and he'll be back up and running in minutes. But if it's versioning, and doing incremental backups, it can get corrupted. So it's a good idea to start fresh from time to time.

Tom will also need to have an off site option. But Tom can't get Carbonite to work without the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Leo says that a PnP error sounds like a driver issue, like a crashing disc driver. Leo recommends removing all USB devices to see if that solves it. Troubleshooting is hard to find issues specific to a local computer. It may be time to format the hard drive and start over.

The chatroom mentioned these websites related to BSOD caused by Carbonite: