Did I get bit by malware?

Episode 1185 (1:20:43)

Sam from Hemmit, CA

Sam clicked on a bad link and how he has malware. It has locked his browser. Leo says that uninstalling his browser and reinstalling will be of limited value. He can run Malware Bytes, but he'll need to make sure he uses the official version because there are counterfeits out there. Leo says that it's likely a browser hijacker object is in the mix, which will then popup ads and push him towards certain search results. Malware Bytes will remove it.

Could he go back to a previous restore point? Leo says that wouldn't hurt. He also noticed his webcam comes on when running OK Google. Leo says that could be since Sam doesn't have another mic connected, so Chrome activated the mic in the camera. At some point, Sam gave the browser that permission.

Leo suggests running as a limited or standard user instead of administrator.