Can I install Android KitKat on a Nexus 6?

Episode 1185 (2:00:00)

Vladimir from Carlsbad, CA

Vladimir has a BMW i3 and wonders if he can integrate his smartphone with it. On his previous car, he had to manually enter all his contacts and it was tedious. Leo says that his car copied over his contacts so it was pretty easy. Vladimir got the numbers, but not the addresses, though. Leo says that Audi's do addresses. Vladimir used a phone with KitKat and it worked just fine, so that's a workaround. Leo says that's very odd. But at least he got the data in. But it sounds like maybe a Lollipop security feature prevented it from doing addresses. Can he install Android KitKat onto his Nexus 6? Leo says only if he roots it. He should use Cyanogen Mod 11. Once he's rooted it, he can even put on the original KitKat firmware. But he'll also have to re-pair the phone.