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Watch Mike from Indiana, PA Comments

Mike's contract is up with Verizon and he's looking to get a new phone. He wants to buy his own phone and go month to month and get off the contract. Leo says that family plans are beneficial and he wonders why people just don't get together to get one. Leo says that the Droid Turbo is quite nice. The MotoX is a nice size. If you can still get a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, it's a great phone, and you may be able to get it free. Verizon also allows you to bring a phone to your pay as you go. The One Plus One may be able to work on Verizon. Leo says that Cyanogen's Oxygen OS takes some rooting of the phone, but Leo did it and it's great.

What about the Samsung Galaxy SV? Leo says it didn't sell as good as the S4 and it's loaded up with junk. But it would be fine.

Watch Robert from Greensboro, NC Comments

Dave loves his Samsung Galaxy Note II, but he's looking to upgrade. Leo says that he should get the Galaxy Note IV. It has a great camera and nice screen. Should he get the Galaxy Note Edge? Leo says the Edge is kind of gimmicky. Some people like it and he likes the look of the S6 Edge, but the Note IV Edge is completely different with a separate screen. Leo says it's not worth the extra $100 for it, that's for sure.

Watch Tom from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Tom is having issues with backup. He's been using Acronis True Image and over time it starts to create errors. Leo says that imaging is great for creating a moment in time, so if something goes wrong, he could blast that image back on the hard drive and he'll be back up and running in minutes. But if it's versioning, and doing incremental backups, it can get corrupted. So it's a good idea to start fresh from time to time.

Tom will also need to have an off site option. But Tom can't get Carbonite to work without the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Leo says that a PnP error sounds like a driver issue, like a crashing disc driver. Leo recommends removing all USB devices to see if that solves it. Troubleshooting is hard to find issues specific to a local computer. It may be time to format the hard drive and start over.

The chatroom mentioned these websites related to BSOD caused by Carbonite:

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Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay is complaining that he sends off a text message and it doesn't arrive until several hours later. Leo says it's a common complaint. Sometimes it's intercarrier, and that could be communication issues between the two.

Watch Greg from Palm Beach, FL Comments

Greg has several webcams at his home in Colorado and every time he logs into the cameras, there's no image. He has to go into compatibility mode and add an IP address manually to get it. Leo says that the issue may be compatibility mode or hardware acceleration in his video driver. If it's set to bypass Windows, then he should go to the video device driver and check or uncheck the box. He should also use the latest version of his browser.

The chatroom says ActiveX could be the issue. Greg should not allow that, as it's a security issue. If he has to turn it on though, here's how - But Leo recommends using a different browser, like Google Chrome. The chatroom confirmed, however, that Foscam's website requires Internet Explorer to view webcams.

Watch Richard from Commerce, CA Comments

Richard bought a Clear internet box, but Sprint bought Clear and is shutting it down. Leo says that Clear was WiMax, which was a special Wi-Fi system that used microwave signals. Leo thought it would be a great option for rural areas, but Sprint's investment almost bankrupted them. It just didn't work unless you were really close to the tower. That's why Sprint dropped it and went with LTE. Leo suggests getting an LTE access point. He can get them with Ethernet. But he'll need to pay a monthly fee for it. Freedompop may be a good option for him. It's "free."

Watch Sam from Hemmit, CA Comments

Sam clicked on a bad link and how he has malware. It has locked his browser. Leo says that uninstalling his browser and reinstalling will be of limited value. He can run Malware Bytes, but he'll need to make sure he uses the official version because there are counterfeits out there. Leo says that it's likely a browser hijacker object is in the mix, which will then popup ads and push him towards certain search results. Malware Bytes will remove it.

Could he go back to a previous restore point? Leo says that wouldn't hurt. He also noticed his webcam comes on when running OK Google. Leo says that could be since Sam doesn't have another mic connected, so Chrome activated the mic in the camera. At some point, Sam gave the browser that permission.

Leo suggests running as a limited or standard user instead of administrator.

Watch Brennan from Orange County, CA Comments

Brennan has a 2012 MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion. He also has a 2010 Mac Pro. He uses both for audio engineering. He has everything set up, and he wants to know if he could clone the MacBook Pro and then put that onto his Mac Pro. Leo says he may be able to. He could try making a bootable drive from a USB key and then selecting that when booting up the Mac Pro to see if it works. OS X should be smart enough to install any missing drivers. Otherwise he can always run the OS X installer and reinstall the OS directly

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Watch Rob from Valley Center, CA Comments

Rob just moved and has a new cable provider. He works from home and has issues losing connectivity to his work using VPN. Leo says that the provider probably provides the modem. He should ask for DOCSIS III service. That will be more reliable and faster. Buying his own DOCSIS III modem will be newer and will save him money. Rob should ask them what DOCSIS III modems they support and buy his own. Another issue could be his router. Rebooting the router can clear out any bad issues. Routers do need to be replaced from time to time.

Watch Diane from Encino, CA Comments

Diane got a popup that said she had a virus. She knew it was a scam and closed out her Safari browser and turned off her computer. Then she got a bank notice that her account was compromised. Are those occurrences related? Leo says probably not. Just because a popup tells her she's infected, it doesn't mean she is. The popup was designed to get her to call someone so they can socially engineer her to install something. The bank notice probably was the result of someone who she gave her card to at a restaurant copying her information. Her Mac is safe. As for the bank info, she should contact her bank and get them to reissue her card.

Watch Vincent from Fullerton, CA Comments

Vincent's wife is blind and he's thinking of using a Harmony remote and the screen reading app on her iPhone to use it. How does that reader work? Leo says that's a great idea and some phones have free built-in infrared, making the phone a smart remote. The Harmony remote can talk to the phone via Bluetooth, though. The iPhone also has great accessibility features, if the app developers take advantage of them. But Leo says that the iPhone is the best option.

Watch Vladimir from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Vladimir has a BMW i3 and wonders if he can integrate his smartphone with it. On his previous car, he had to manually enter all his contacts and it was tedious. Leo says that his car copied over his contacts so it was pretty easy. Vladimir got the numbers, but not the addresses, though. Leo says that Audi's do addresses. Vladimir used a phone with KitKat and it worked just fine, so that's a workaround. Leo says that's very odd. But at least he got the data in. But it sounds like maybe a Lollipop security feature prevented it from doing addresses. Can he install Android KitKat onto his Nexus 6? Leo says only if he roots it. He should use Cyanogen Mod 11. Once he's rooted it, he can even put on the original KitKat firmware. But he'll also have to re-pair the phone.

Watch Veronica from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Veronica uses her phone all the time to take pictures. But when she uploads them to Walmart to print, the quality is poor in 4x6. Leo says that the iPhone's 8MP camera is more than enough to get great pics. She won't want to email it from the iPhone. She should connect it to her desktop and import the originals. Then upload those photos from there.

Watch Guido from Baldwin Park, CA Comments

Guido burned a DVD a few years ago and now it won't play. Leo says there's a thing called "CD rot," and it happens to DVDs as well. The metal layer of the DVD can actually rot, preventing it from being played. It may also be that the dyes have faded. It also could be that he burned it and didn't finalize it. Then he just can't play it.